Sunday morning gathering—what do you do?


Wondering about what it might be like to attend a CBC gathering on Sunday morning? The following information is provided to help answer that question. We hope this brief description contributes to making you feel comfortable as you think about a visit to CBC and will help result in a positive experience. You may still have questions and, if so, PLEASE give us a call at 636.938.5577 or send an email to office@cbcserves.org  





Appropriate dress is often the first question people consider when going to any event or venue. So, how do people dress when they attend CBC? There is no standard dress code. The best answer is simply this—dress comfortably. For some people it is jeans. For others it is more business casual and for a few it is more dress up attire. But dress depends on what is most comfortable and appropriate as defined by the individual.



Parking and Entering


When arriving at a facility there is always the question—where to park and where to enter the building. Typically, most attendees park in the lot immediately to the south of the building. There is access to the parking lot from Central Avenue (east side of the building) and from Virginia Street (west side of the building). In fact, there is signage designating parking spaces for guests. These spaces are along the building immediately to the west of the large canopy/entry portico. Parking spaces are also located on the west and north side of the building. While there are other entrances, we recommend that you use the main entry at the large canopy/portico. Upon arriving at the entrance, you will be welcomed by special volunteers who can answer any questions and provide direction. In our large vestibule/reception area you will have an opportunity to get a cup of coffee and visit with others arriving for the morning activities.



Arrival Time


Most CBC attendees arrive for Bible Study Small Groups which begin at 9:00 A.M. There are study groups for all ages (nursery age children through adults—adult groups are co-ed and there is also a separate group for ladies). Upon arrival in the vestibule greeters can assist in directing you to the group most appropriate for adults and children. The Worship Gathering in the sanctuary immediately follows the Bible Study group time.


The Sunday morning Worship Gathering in the sanctuary begins at 10:15 A.M. and typically dismisses around 11:30 – 11:40 A.M.





If arriving for Bible Study Small Group time greeters will assist you in directing each member of the family to the appropriate small group.


Nursery (infants – age 3) is provided for both the Bible Study Group time and Worship Gathering. Again, greeters in the vestibule will help you find our child check-in/registration area. We have a secure check-in system. We have great volunteers who are delighted to assist you and your family, and make sure kids get the best care while at CBC. Here are some notes about the Nursery:


  • Information Forms. Upon arriving in the Nursery area volunteers will assist you in filling out a form that provides information regarding such things as your child’s physical or dietary needs.

  • Playtime. Your child will experience free playtime with appropriate toys, puzzles, blocks and books.

  • Structured Circle Time. There will be a structured circle time that includes singing and learning about God with hands on activity.

  • Snack Time. This typically includes Goldfish or animal crackers. Cups of water are provided. If they prefer, parents may bring a different snack or drink for their child. Actually, parents are encouraged to bring their child’s own cup with the child’s name on it.

  • Diaper Changing Time. Nursery volunteers give parents a card showing the time and type of diaper. It also includes information about taking the child to the restroom.


You will see below in the description of our Worship Gathering time there are opportunities for children—a brief children’s message in the sanctuary followed by children church activities for age 3 – grade 2 in a special classroom in the education building.



Worship Gathering


Here is a description of the proceedings of a typical Sunday morning worship gathering.


It usually begins with upbeat music led by our worship/music pastor, live instruments and vocalists setting the environment for a comfortable and friendly time of praise and thanksgiving. This is followed immediately with a time of social informal greeting among attendees—all designed to intentionally welcome and recognize each other as part of the family of God. It is a time of sweet spirit among those present.


This is followed by more music and praise. This sometimes may include a special presentation by the adult choir, individual vocalists or instrumentalists. Then comes a special children’s message. All children (typically ages         ) are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary where a volunteer provides a brief message especially geared for children. At the conclusion of the children’s message the boys and girls are invited to go with designated volunteers to a separate section of the building for what we call Children’s Church—age appropriate special worship-type activities that occurs concurrent with the remaining time of worship in the sanctuary.


After the kids are dismissed for children’s church a deacon provides a prayer identifying special opportunities and needs of the CBC family. This is followed by the receiving of the morning offering—a time of giving in recognition for God’s many blessings.


Periodically the worship time will also include the baptism of individuals who desire to express their obedience to God’s command. At various intervals during the year the worship time will include Communion or the Lord’s Supper.


Following the deacon prayer and offering the pastor comes to present his sermon. Typically, the sermon is designed to teach a message from God’s word that emphasizes life application principles. At the conclusion of the sermon there is a time for personal reflection and response. Periodically individuals may respond by going to the alter for a personal time of prayer or approaching the pastor to indicate a personal decision of salvation, desire for baptism, presentation of themselves for membership or other special requests. Finally, there is a time of announcement reminders and the congregation is dismissed with praising God through music as attendees exit the sanctuary.