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Therapy Session

Youth Gathering

Our Wednesday night gatherings are a chance for students to embrace a church environment that speaks to them with teachings and small group discussions. We want students to be able to engage with others and most importantly, learn what the Gospel is. We gather from 6:30–8:00 PM in The Student Center for both middle school and high school students. Doors open at 6:15PM.

Sunday Mornings

Central Baptist Church - Eureka

Students are organized by grade level, following a curriculum that encompasses a range of Biblical subjects. These sessions are conducted by a dedicated adult volunteer, committed to leading and serving as a positive example for teenagers.

Bible Study Small Groups

(9:00 – 10:00 a.m.)

Our mission is to partner with your family to help your children love God more today than they did yesterday, be discipled in the love and truth of Jesus, and to trust Jesus with their today, tomorrow, and eternity.

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Central designates about 5,000 square feet of space specifically designed for our student ministry program and events. This space is set aside for small groups, worship and music activities, games and other fun (hang-out) time activities. It has a separate entrance from the rest of the CBC facility. Just above this space is a full-size gymnasium. In 2020 Central designated over ninety thousand dollars to upgrade and enhance this space for student ministries.

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