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Laura Knotts

Office and Financial Administrative Assistant Monday/Thursday/Friday


I have been a member of Central Baptist Church since 1997.  My husband and I joined Central before we had children and ended up raising our three sons here.  Central has been a blessing to our family throughout the years. We have made many friends and many have become like family to us.  I believe having a church is so valuable throughout life and, it is important to have other Christians to depend on in time of need, pray with at any time and just generally live life together.

I began working for the church office in 2008, once all of my boys were in school.  It has been a blessing to have this job because not only do I get to do what I enjoy, but I also get to spend time with my church family, whether it be a visitor stopping by the office or just a phone's the best of both worlds.

I am thankful because most of my life, I was raised in church. I was saved and baptized as a child and met my husband at my childhood church. Being in church has always been a priority for my family and we have tried to raise our sons the same way. We have tried to teach our boys to always put God first in all their decisions and to "be a good example in everything you say and do". It is a lesson I try to remind myself as well, although none of us are perfect. I pray that each and every one of you makes God and church a priority in your life. Get involved in church, besides just attending on Sunday morning, because it is the best way to grow spiritually and have fellowship with other Christians.


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