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Prayer Drive - Out and About

Function: Families will drive around town praying for others in the community as they drive by homes.  Participants are encouraged to decorate their cars with posters or staying on the windows with inspirational thoughts or encouraging words.

How to Participate:  Participants should arrive at the Eureka High School Parking lot by Noon on May 7th.  Each car will be assigned to a traveling group.  Each traveling group be escorted by a First Responder Vehicle (FRV).  Participants must stay in or near their vehicles and must maintain social distancing practices of remaining 6’ apart from others.  After a short time of community prayer, each traveling group will leave the parking lot in an orderly fashion and each participant vehicle will follow their assigned FRV.  The FRV will lead the traveling group through various assigned neighborhoods as participants pray for the homes they drive past.

Food Pantry Drive:  As an additional feature of the Prayer Drive Out and About, homeowners can set out food items at end of their driveways. As the traveling groups pass by an assigned volunteer will pick up any donations and deliver them to the Eureka Food Pantry.  Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Traffic Controller – help assign vehicles to each travel group.

  2. Grease Pen Table – Distribute window grease pens for participants to use to decorate cars.  Must clean pens between uses.

  3. Food Pantry Driver – We need participants with trucks who are willing to collect the food pantry items.

  4. Food Pantry Collector – Pick up the food and place it in the food pantry vehicle.

  5. Alternate Food Pantry Collector – Drive through neighborhood which are not part of the travel groups and collect food donations.  

Organizational Issues for Leadership:

  1. Provide traffic control as cars enter and get assigned to each traveling group.

  2. Ensure one vehicle in each traveling group is available to receive food pantry donations.

  3. Give maps or neighborhood assignments to each FRV leader.

  4. Provide Window Grease pens for cars and clean pens between uses.

  5. Sound system or bullhorn?

  6. Volunteers to drive the neighborhoods we don’t travel through to look for Food Pantry Donations.

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